Strata O.H.S. Reports was established by David Brealey in 2013.

David started his working career as a qualified electrical fitter & mechanic, working on, among other sectors, power generation and electric motors.

David’s career took a massive shift some years later, when he transferred his energy and enthusiasm into the scaffolding industry, working as a manager for Instant Scaffolds and then Borals.  David’s career has run parallel with this growing expertise which has seen him pass-on and team lead developments from high rise buildings and mining sites to aluminium smelters, jails and shopping centres.

With this experience came a need to challenge himself further, and he chose to start his own scaffolding company, Access Hoists and Scaffolding, which he currently owns and operates.  Some of the many projects David’s company has worked on include the Opera House, Anzac War Memorial in Hyde Park and various high-level shopping centres.

With this responsibility David realised that not only did his employees need to create a safe working environment for themselves, but those who own and/or operate commercial and residential properties needed to be aware of building safety. With this in mind, David established Strata OHS Reports, a company specialising in providing compliance professional compliance reports.

Strata O.H.S. Reports provides reports for Strata Schemes and Owners to ensure that the common property is a safe environment for all workers, tenants, owners and visiting members of the public. Our compliance report is designed to guide the Owners Corporation in the ongoing management and elimination of site-specific physical hazards in order to minimise risk to health and safety of persons on the common property.

Qualified, Experienced Inspectors

Strata Hazard Example

Our Company is headed by qualified, experienced inspectors. Our inspectors will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your common property areas of your building and report on any O.H.& S. hazards found and identify the risk using the Risk Level Matrix System and rate the likelihood of any hazards found.

This will allow you to prioritise any rectification works that may be required. We will provide colour photos of hazards to allow the Owners Corporation to assess the extent of liability they may face.

We also provide a summary of the hazards, identified with a full description of their locations, so that Owners quickly and easily understand where there is a problem.

We will employ quality standards and best practice at all levels of our business operation to ensure consistently superior service and delivery.

If your strata scheme is a PCBU then a safety report from Strata O.H.S. Reports can help meet your obligations. Strata O.H.S. Reports ofers strata schemes and business a ‘Compliance Report’.

The penalties for noncompliance are severe. In the case of a serious accident resulting in death, the fine for a corporation is $825,000 (being a previous offender) and $550,000 for a corporation without a prior offence; $82,500 or 2 years jail for individuals who have previously offended and $55,000 for individual offenders with no previous offences.

Likelihood Graph - Strata OHS Reports

Risk Graph - Strata OHS Reports

We guarantee to deliver within 28 business days of receipt of your order.


Strata OHS Reports
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Never having the need for a compliance report before I had little knowledge of what was necessary and who to approach. Fortunately a colleague suggested Strata OHS Reports and I thank goodness he did. Well done David. Good luck.

M Mason


I’d like to thank David Brealey and his team of inspectors. They carried out their work diligently and with little fuss. I found the staff personable, professional and very courteous. The report too was a delight and very easy to follow

B Hall


Needing a report done fairly urgently, I contacted David Brealey and Strata OHS Reports who guaranteed me immediately the inspection could be carried out on the date I’d mentioned. The inspection and the subsequent report were first-class. Highly recommended

R du Chateau